For Rolex fans, this is a big decision, so let's talk about this topic today. Which of the Rolex men's watches is more suitable for you ?

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Let's take a look at the different personality traits and stories behind some of the best-selling fake rolex styles.

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Rolex Oyster m114300-0003 : Entry level

Rolex Oyster m114300-0003

This rolex is an excellent entry-level candidate and its price is not expensive. Oyster steel is simple, sturdy, water resistant to 100 meters, and has an excellent automatic movement, which is the core and soul of Rolex. As the world's first waterproof watch, after the test of the epic swimming of Mercedes Gleitze, the 1926 style will become the cornerstone of the huge Rolex Empire. Coupled with Rolex's second major breakthrough, in the form of a two-way rotor automatic movement, you will get a rock-solid Oyster Perpetual motion. The Rolex watch's 39 mm case features a cool blue dial, and the case and bracelet are made of a highly flexible stainless steel premium alloy material that looks great.

Rolex Submariner 116613LB : Men's must-have

Rolex Submariner 116613LB

When Shawn Connery became "Bonder, James Bond" in the 1962 film doctor, a complete myth and style idol was born. Accompanied by his Caribbean mission 007 is the Rolex submariner watch. Designed for underwater exploration in 1953, the Rolex Submariner is a powerful technical diving watch. This latest generation Submariner features a gradient scratch-resistant Cerachrom bezel (for monitoring dive time and decompression stop) with Cyclops lens. The date window and the classic Rolesor case and a gold-and-steel bracelet combine to look like the iconic Rolex.

Rolex Explorer-II 216570 : Business elite essentials

Rolex Explorer-II 216570

Watches are absolutely essential equipment for all cave scientists, volcanologists, climbers and polar explorers. If you often need a business trip, this watch is also a very good choice. Rolex explorers are a long history. With Edmund Hillary's first epic mountaineering on Mount Everest in 1953, he made his debut in 1971, attracting a new generation of brave adventurers. The Explorer 2 features a new 42mm case size, a magnified feel and excellent illuminating effect, and a large orange GMT pointer that displays home or reference time on a 24-hour bezel for those who may find themselves in a dark cave or on Earth. The place where the sun will never be placed.

Rolex 116400 Lightning Needle: Technology is the first choice

Rolex 116400 Lightning Needle

Designed to withstand magnetic fields up to 1000 Gauss, the Rolex Green Glass Lightning Needle is designed for scientists who are busy smashing atoms in the lab and exposed to dangerous magnetic fields in the mid-1950s. In order to protect the watch from the damaging effects of the magnetic force, the movement was shielded in a ferromagnetic casing and tested on the hands of scientists working at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). Milgauss is the perfect balance of vintage and modern details, with an orange lightning seconds hand - faithful to the original - its black and orange dial is covered with green sapphire crystal and the edges glow.

Rolex Daytona Series : Extremely practical chronograph watch

Rolex Daytona Series

Paul Newman was immortal in the early 1970s, and the world of high-speed cars is indelible. Stainless steel Daytona is the ultimate chronograph that many people dream of. To meet the needs of professional racing drivers, the driver can measure an average speed of up to 400 km / h. When the stainless steel Ditong took off in 2016 and the price was £8,250, the fans were crazy and now have to decide whether to join the five-year waiting list. Ironically, Platinum, Everose Gold, Gold, Platinum and Rolesor Daytonas (a combination of steel and gold) are readily available, including the absolute winner of the platinum case, black Cerachrom bezel, steel and black dial and Oysterflex bracelet by high Made of performance elastomer.

Rolex Yachtmaster : Show luxury


For some men, investing in a Golden Rolex watch is a way to celebrate milestones and let the world know that he is “successful”. In this case, the second generation of the yacht, weighing 44 mm, meets the perfect requirements. The second generation of the yacht is not only the largest Rolex watch, but also a dedicated chronograph designed for yacht racing. In other words, if you have a yacht or you are a sailboat fanatic, you might only buy this model. What makes the second generation of the yacht truly unique is its complex yet easy-to-use ring-shaped command flap that allows its owners to set critical countdown times before the game begins.